Get in on the Ground Floor

Candid from my Seattle trip 8/2015

Candid from my Seattle trip 8/2015

Welcome to my personal blog, you’re getting in on the ground Floor. I’m a New York native living in Northern California for the last 18+ years. No, I don’t miss the snow.

I turned my life upside down several years ago and started this blog to track my progress in rebuilding my life. I’m still figuring out exactly who I am and what I’m all about. Expect this blog to evolve along with me.

However, since I love food, my friends, my furry kids and fun, expect to see stuff like that. And if something Floors me, expect to see that as well. All ideas expressed here are my own. Read more about that. Thanks for stopping by.


Six years have flown by since I started this blog. Six years, a couple relationships, a couple of jobs and a pademic later, I’m excited to say I’m happier than I ever thought I could be. I’m in a three-plus year relationship, am in the middle of a career change back to Corporate Public Relations and re-emerging from 18 months of COVID mandated nesting.

Thanks for sticking by me and reading these infrequent updates of a very charmed and priviledged life.

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