I’m not a great blogger

I started this blog when I was newly divorced and had lots of time on my hands. It’s been really fun to look back on this chronicle of my experiences.

Yelp Elites

That’s me in the glasses on the bottom right…hanging out with my Sacramento Yelp Elite friends.  Life is good.

Lately you haven’t heard a lot from me- not because I haven’t had anything to say- but mostly because long form commentary doesn’t fit well in my life right now.

I chronicle my life these days between Facebook, Yelp and Instagram, with a little Twitter here or there for good measure.

I’m happy to say that >5 years after the decision to live my life on my own terms, I’m happy, fulfilled, busy and thriving in a way I probably could not have imagined before. I am so incredibly blessed with amazing friends and family. I’ve been VERY, VERY lucky in life- don’t get me wrong. I feel like every sacrifice, every late night, every hard decision has paid dividends beyond my wildest dreams.

So while I may sunset this outlet for creative musing, please know you can follow my antics on a variety of social media channels.


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