Object of My Obsession


#CHEFOBSESSED The jalapeno pairing was perfect!

FINALLY SOME WINE!  About half-way through the event, I needed a drink! Ironstone Vineyards, a family run winery with vineyards in Lodi and the Sierra foothills delivered with their Obsession Symphony blended white wine with a watermelon salad and spicy jalapeno dish.

Made from 85% Symphony and 15% Chenin Blanc grapes, this is a wine for spicy food my friends. It’s on the sweeter side with rich fruit flavors, so I didn’t think it did much for the watermelon sample. But the nice acidic finish took the bite right out of the jalapenos- perfect pairing.

I don’t drink a lot of sweet white wine on its own, but Obsession will be my go-to for my next posole dinner party or attempt at Thai.

This post is part of my Speed Blog series from the International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC) 2017 in Sacramento, CA. While my reviews are in exchange for a reduced registration fee, all ideas are my own.

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