Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

Andrew Baker shares their exclusive Guatemalan coffee from Juan Luis Barrios during IFBC 2017.

What’s a Speed Blogging event like? In our case, we had three minutes each with nine different companies, brands or products. It was CHAOS, and fun.

Thank goodness my friends and Sacramento locals Edie and Andrew Baker of Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters were there with a shot of much needed caffeine. They shared their amazing Guatemalan coffee from Juan Louis Barrios, which you can only get at Chocolate Fish.

Andrew was still pumped from his 2nd Prize Overall, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals at the Golden Bean coffee roasters competition.

This post is part of my Speed Blogs series from the International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC) 2017 in Sacramento, CA. While my reviews are in exchange for a reduced registration fee, all ideas are my own.


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