Korean Sizzle

20160805_202126Temperatures skyrocketed during Sacramento Epicureans’ July adventure at Korea House Restaurant in Rancho Cordova.

Korean Barbecue, cooked at the table, is a fiery experience in and of itself, then you add the spice! A few plates got scorched at some of the tables (mine, for example), and the finicky controls of at least one grill meant that some meat became charcoal. Luckily, no one left hungry as there were plenty of to-go boxes going home.

Diners started with Hae Mui Pa Jeon. These large Seafood Pancakes featured sliced strips of calamari and shrimp in a special house batter lightly seasoned and topped off with green onions (scallions).

Then diners explored the banchan, side dishes that ranged from dried shrimp to spicy radish, fish cakes and kimchi.

Finally, the grills were hot enough and soon filled with meats that had been marinating overnight. Things started to sizzle with:

Beef bulgogi: Sliced rib-eye marinated in a Korea house special sauce. Base flavor is soy sauce and is slightly sweet and garlicy with hints and notes of ginger, pepper, and fruits. This is one of the most famous meat dishes in Korean culture.

Dak Gui: Sliced chicken marinated in our home made teriyaki based sauce. Hints and notes of soy sauce, garlic, peppers and fruits.  Our lightest marinated sauce out of the bunch.

Dweji Gui: Sliced lean pork marinated in our Korea house special mild sauce. Base flavor is a slight sweet sauce made with ground chili and red chili paste. With hints and notes of fruits, soy sauce, garlic and fruits. This dish is very popular during the summer time in Korea.

Once the meats were cooked through and enjoyed, Sacramento Epicureans enjoyed bowls of Kimchi Jjigae. Traditionally served in Hot Pot, this famous Korean dish is especially good for colds and hangovers. Sliced Kimchi is slowly boiled in a stoneware pot with pork which is paired with tofu, garlic, zucchini, radish, and enoki mushrooms topped with onions and scallions.

To cool off from all the heat and spice, dinner concluded with refreshing slices of fresh watermelon. It was the perfect conclusion to a HOT night of Korean Barbecue.

Korea House
9729 Folsom Blvd
Open 7 Days, 11 am- 10 pm
(916) 362-5013

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