Sacramento Epicureans Visit The Kitchen 2014

One of the most exciting parts of joining Sacramento Epicureans is the annual trip to The Kitchen. Known as Sacramento’s premier dining venue- the evening is culinary theater. After a couple of years with the club, there’s a core group of 10-15 regulars who I know by face and name. These individuals often attend The Kitchen event, so it’s like dining in someone’s amazing Kitchen rather than a night out. Here’s my recap as published in our eNewsletter. Sadly, Chef Griffiths is no longer with the Kitchen- so we’ll have a new experience when we attend in October 2015.

Photo collage from our 2014 visit.

Photo collage from our 2014 visit.


Sacramento Epicureans enjoyed another exquisite trip to The Kitchen, this time in September to enjoy the end of summer produce. With well over a year under his belt, executive chef John Griffiths has clearly hit his stride, comfortable in his starring role in Sacramento’s gourmet culinary theater.

After a rousing introduction, diners enjoyed Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho, brought “over the top” with a smoked almond-avocado island, crunchy West Indian Gherkins from West Sacramento and crispy garlic.

The main ingredient for the next course came from much farther afield. Maine lobster, paired with watermelon, yogurt and Chaat Massala, offered diners a delicious experience of spice, sweet and cool. Additional texture was provided by lavash chips made with wildflowers.

In somewhat of a departure from the more sushi- centric offerings in the past, the Intermission this year featured six distinct stations, including house-made salumis, fresh oysters from Tomales bay, pickled beet and goat cheese salad, fresh garbanzo  bean dip on sesame crackers, Gooseneck barnacle risotto, truffled caramel corn and more.

The pasta course delighted with fontina-filled pasta “shoes” served with braised rabbit, olives and perperonata. This hearty but bright presentation was many diner’s first, and overwhelmingly positive, introduction to rabbit.

The next course brought meat and potatoes to a whole new level. Potatoes braised in miso complemented Korean-style short ribs, a cauliflower puree and kimchee-pickled vegetables for an East-meets-West delight.

Diners took a moment to enjoy coffee and a house tea service before completing their dining experience with dessert. Dark chocolate sachertorte was cubed brownie-style and served with white chocolate dulce de leche, tangy creme fraiche gelato and cinnamon and star anise- marinated pluots. In Chef Griffiths own words, “well, just f*$%ing delicious.”

Besides the theatrical presentation of each course, and the optional hands-on experience, what sets The Kitchen apart from all other Sacramento dining experiences is the layering of flavors and components that makes each dish an expert blend of flavors, textures and aromas to delight all the senses.

The Kitchen truly is a one of a kind palate experience.

The Kitchen
2225 Hurley Way #101
Sacramento, CA 95825
Tel: (916) 568-7171

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