zumba time

Theresa and I went back to Zumba tonight. It’s been about a year and it felt great. Can’t wait to get some new sneakers/trainers/tennies/whatever and get back to a normal workout routine.

I love Zumba since it combines aerobic dance with Latin music. Mind you, it’s been well over a decade since I lived in Spain and I’ve reverted to a total gringa. I also love Zumba because it means spending time with my very dear friend/sister/partner-in-crime/former-coworker Theresa.

During Zumba I spend half the time trying to figure out the moves and the other half trying to translate/understand the lyrics. This keeps my mind off the fact that I have no coordination or rhythm…and I forget that I’m exercising.

In fact, I aspire to look as good as the cat does in this picture…We can all dream, can’t we?

<<Bailamos means We Dance and gringa means silly white girl>>

What’s your favorite exercise?

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