The pits..

This weekend I went to Corning, CA for the Winter Crush event at Lucero California Olive Groves. The event was two hours from home, I didn’t know anyone else attending and couldn’t find anyone who wanted to come with me. Since I’ve been enjoying Lucero products for nearly two years now, I decided to make the trek myself. I’m so glad I did.

Driving a total of four hours to somewhere I’ve never been and attending an event on my own was a bit of a gamble. The weather was beautiful, the tastings plentiful and the band was rockin’, so it was a day well spent.

Since this is not the kind of thing I would have done before, I’ve added this experience to my Basket List….a new feature on my blog. Hope you check it out.

When was the last time you had your very own day-trip adventure?

2 responses to “The pits..

  1. Sara – I recently drove almost two hours to the new Trader Joe’s near Rochester. I love the store so I knew it would be a worthhwhile trip. I took back road,it was a gorgeous fall day and I saw some little towns worthy of stopping in on my next trip!


    • I drive a couple hours to San Francisco quite often. This was going to somewhere brand new where I knew no one….It was an excellent adventure indeed! And I agree, I would drive two hours for Trader Joe’s. Would probably spend about $500 once I got there, though.


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