Sing anyway

No song in your heart? Sing anyway.

I sing every day.

As a blogger, perhaps it doesn’t surprise you that I love words and language. Words mean things and that meaning can vary from one reader to the next. I read voraciously and have from a young age. I enjoy surrounding myself with words – whether it’s books in the bookcases or poems and quotes hung on the wall.

A while back I was inspired to take thrift-store picture frames and transform them into rolling trays for Bunco. A little sanding and spraypaint later, I have two framed chalkboards in my kitchen. These really come in handy for writing a grocery list and leaving notes for the critter sitter.

She adjusted her sails

I first read this as “when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails” but I like it either way.

Lately, though, I’ve been using them another way.

See, like many people, I have this very pesky, negative voice inside my head that I’ve tried for years to silence. Some call this the gremlin, some call it ego, I just call it annoying. I think I surround myself with positive words to counteract the negative ones in my head. Over time I’ve learned to quiet this voice – paying it less and less attention – and these chalkboards really help. I periodically change these up with new quotes to help me say positive, motivated and focused.

Here’s what I have hanging up in my kitchen today. When I change them, I’ll share them here.

What do you do to stay positive and motivated?

6 responses to “Sing anyway

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh, so many things!!!! 😀 So… I’ll give you my Top 5 that come to mind, in no particular order!

    1) Travel to a new destination!!!!!! 😀 There is joy in discovering the unknown!!
    2) Travel to an old destination to see good friends (like YOU! :)) !!! There is joy in reunions!!!
    3) I read a book by my fav. Author(s)!!!! It can be a book I’ve already read & haven’t for a while — or one, hot off the presses!!
    4) Spend quality time w/ loved ones — whomever they are!!! Family, best friends, friends, significant others, etc.
    5) Go see a game — any game, whether I like the team or not. Seeing a game live… just is FUN!!!!!! 😀


    • Great list my friend! I need to work on #s 1&5 but I have #s 2-4 covered in the next weeks/months. Hmmm, where should I go and what kind if game should I see? I haven’t been to a game since this summer.


      • 😀 Yaya, for 2-4 covered!! 😀
        As for #5… the “major” sport you could see (& is in your vicinity) would be NBA Basketball (as I’m unsure of any local colleges that you would be able to see a good game!!). There used to be a WNBA team (the Monarchs)… but, they dissolved. 😀 Seats (in the nosebleeds) start at approx. $24. For lower seats… save your $$ & they start around $99. OR, try to win them off the radio & go for FREE! ;D

        At any rate… if that is not your style… Sacramento State is a Division I school w/ REALLY cost-friendly tickets!!!!! The Women’s Volleyball team’s season is almost done… but their tickets range from: $3-8!!!! 😀

        Whatever you decide to “check out” — ENJOY !!!! I look forward to your report!! ;D


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